Twenty One Kitchen + Bar

We had dinner at Twenty One Kitchen + Bar. The restaurant is under the same owner of Twenty One Tables + Terrace, Bangsar Shopping Center. 9 of us bought cash vouchers from Groupon, valid for ala carte food items only. 
7 of us parked in Pavilion and walked 10 minutes to the restaurant. We had indoor seating and the ambiance was relaxed, encouraging us to talk to each other! The wait staff were very helpful and readily cleared the dishes, plus the service was prompt. 
The best part was the happy hour (up to 8pm); cheaper price for beers and buy-1-free-1 for wine and loose cocktails. The only inconvenient part was all the drinks will be served before 8pm but that wasn't a problem for us so it was all good. 
However I feel the food was prepared a bit slow, despite me emailing them a pre-order of the dishes earlier in the afternoon. In any case, the food looked good and tasted good, so in the end we had a fun and pleasant eating experience. I wouldn't mind coming back here again :)
You may check out their website here

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