Holistic Esthetics

I recently bought a Groupon for a 1 hr Balinese massage at Holistic Esthetics. They have 2 branches: one at Bangsar and the other at Mont Kiara. I made my appointment at the Bangsar branch and went with the parents.

The receptionist was friendly; I liked that she was very patient and accommodating over the phone helping me to make the appointment. The lobby was simple:

Then we proceeded to the rooms, parents to the couple room and I went solo. My masseuse was pleasant and a local, so it was easy to communicate with her on my problem areas. She was very attentive and chatty; usually I prefer to be massaged in silence but she talked about different massage styles, the history of the center, etc.

The center is owned by a Chinese husband-and-wife team; the wife manages the facial treatment section while the husband manages the massage section. The specialization in treatments allows customers to have the best for each.

I learned one thing from this experience: if you're gonna spend money on pampering yourself with a massage, make sure you select the duration that will give you the best treatment. Body massage should take 1.5 hr, back massage 1 hr, foot massage 1 hr.
1hr under my masseuse's hands wasn't enough but it was still a good 1hr spent. I wouldn'tind going back there for future sessions. Ask for Noor from Ipoh, she will belai your body with a lot of kasih :)


Anonymous said...

Did the beautician/staff bug you on the package ?? Or they jus let you go? I wanted to try but i dislike those who keep bugging you on the signing package.

Rowan said...

Hi I bought the deal a yr ago but they were not pushy. They showed the packages and I bought rm550 for 10 x 1 hr body massages. They need to cari makan too so usually I layan but Holistic Esthetics is one of the better places.