Going Brazilian

Ever wondered how it'll be like to have a Brazilian wax?
Ever held back from buying a cheap deal at a waxing parlour near your house?
Ever spend an hour reading articles and reviews on the experience?

Well I did all of the above, and finally decided strip my virgin bush bare. I bought a deal from MyDeal for Brazilian waxing and whitening mask at Kuku Bar.

Generally two types of wax are used:
1) Hard wax - warm, melted wax applied to the area which hardens when cooled and grips the hair. The wax is stripped off along with the captive fur

2) Soft wax - thin layer of wax is applied and a paper/fabric is placed on the wax layer. When the material is pulled off, wax and fur are removed. Similar concept to the waxing strips sold at pharmacies.

There's a variety of styles you may choose from, the image below is quite descriptive:

So I went to the ladies and washed down. I was led to a bed, laid down and then deforestation (I like this term very much haha) commenced. My therapist was very friendly and talked me thru the process so in between squeals, I felt quite comfortable throughout the experience.

L-R: Soft wax, hard wax

She started with the hard wax which removed most of everything then the soft wax was used to remove stragglers. She then applied a mask which was cooling (thank heavens). She threaded off the little stubborn survivors and then I was bush-free. I'd say the threading was the most painful part of the process but hey, whatever works, right?

Overall the place was simple, hygiene-wise I think other establishments are better but I'm not gonna complain when I bought this as a deal :p

So I did it! That's one item struck off my bucket list :)

1) Wear loose clothing
- you may need some breathing space after the process

2) Time your waxing session so that it won't clash with your menses
- it's messy to do anything when you're having menses anyway
- your skin is more tender/sensitive during this time

3) Trim the fur to about quarter of an inch long
- easier to grip
- it might be awkward to have someone trimming the bush prior to waxing

4) Do some investigative work
- it's good to check the background of the waxing saloon before you proceed
- check reviews, especially regarding professionalism and sanitation

Feel free to comment/share your experiences :)

Kuku Bar (Bangsar branch)
1st floor, No. 20 A, Jalan Telawi, 

59100 Bangsar, Kuala Lumpur. 
Mon – Sat: 10am – 7pm / Sun: 11am – 7pm
Phone: 03-2284 5516


jaraychan said...

hahaha. i can't stop laughing...

miss you jo!

Rowan said...

Hey I miss you too! This was one of several defining experiences in 2013. Let me know if you're gonna try a boyzilian! :D