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I've been using Streamyx package (1Mbps of data + free call to local fixed lines) for a few years now, and paying RM110 monthly was fair for the internet I was getting. However after many bouts of lightning, modem changing, router changing and whatnot, we finally switched to UniFi.

What's the difference?
The first difference is in the components. Streamyx relies on copper cable, whereas UniFi rocks on fiber optic. This difference is core to understanding why UniFi is a hit. Copper cables are the same stuff we use for telephone connections, which is why Streamyx is still popular because it uses a connection that we already have (via telephone). Fiber optic provides greater bandwidth and reliability (in terms of data transmission).
Fiber optic on the right, see how you can bundle so many fibers into one cable

Rain, Thunder, Lightning
Many households using Streamyx may have a lightning protector installed as the connection is particularly affected by powerful surge cause by lightning especially during thunderstorms. This is not an issue for UniFi, you can safely browse without worrying about surge or having to set up the connection again.

Which is faster?
Well Streamyx at RM110 provides 1 Mbps, but this is a fluctuating figure, it's less stable compared to the basic UniFi package providing 5 Mbps (we recorded 6 Mbps the other day) for an additional RM30. So UniFi wins. It's awesome how the difference is: previously I could only use BitTorrent when there's nothing else running on the PC; now I can work and run BitTorrent simultaneously. It's also great how quick everything loads, especially while attaching files to emails. 

Extra goodies
Streamyx comes with HyppTV, an internet TV service. It has several channels that are not available on the must-have Astro, and again, unlike Astro, you can enjoy smooth transmission of programs even on a rainy day. Upon installation, you can access all the channels free for 1 month. After the promotion, you can preview the unsubscribed channels for a few seconds.

The Nitty Gritty
Installation is free, and it only took 2 hours to get it done. You'll need to give up your home no as the UniFi account comes with its own telephone line. You'll also get free calls to any local landline. However its handy that you can keep your current no if you don't want the hassle of informing your contacts of the telephone no change, but you can only receive calls through the old no (FOC), calling out will be done through the new telephone. In the end, it'll be more convenient to delete the old no, plus you can choose your new telephone no (subject to procedure)

So if you wonder why many people made the switch, I've outlined some of the reasons here. I quote my sister "the internet's so fast, its freaking me out".

Ditto :D

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