Klang Outing

I invited a Korean colleague and another friend (local) along for an outing to Klang on the 1st day of Raya.

Package description:
- duration - whole day
- dress comfortably - walking is required
- sightseeing of historical buildings
- bring additional stomachs - food galore!

We left KL around 7.30am and reached Hua Hin school (a very old Chinese-medium school) around 8.10am. My local friends met us and we followed them to have ba kut teh for breakfast. Good tip: if you know you're gonna be eating the whole day, don't order too much. The stall has been in operation for more than 20 yrs (unfortunately I didn't get the name of the stall); the soup was so well-balanced and the meat was stewed perfection. 

Done with breakfast, we fetched another friend and headed to town for sightseeing!

Old building which used to house the army artillery
- previously we could visit but not anymore :(
Fire fighting station
- design hasn't changed much since its construction
Kuil Sri Nagara Thendayuthapani
- this temple had beautiful artwork and architecture, my friend gave 
St Barnabas Parish Church
Mosque from a distance
and up-close
Istana Alam Shah
- the current state sultan was born here
- the building is typically open to the public for special functions
Church of Lady of Lourdes
- built in 1928, it's as old as the Convent Girls' school just next door

We went through the bustling streets of Little India; we had some vadai and it was the ult!

We had appetisers at Yew Kee, a family-run restaurant. Their specialties?
- fresh home-made dumplings
- home-made noodles: so springy!
- BBQ char siew: sweet, savoury and the crunchy bits just killed me

On to another mosque
- built by the royal family
- open to public
- the mausoleum looked great but I didn't enter because I felt awkward in shorts :/

Hainan fare near Westport
- chicken chop (RM8 only!), toast and Hainan tea/coffee
- the shop used to be crazy popular until the flyover was built; now the customers are mostly regulars
- halal
Kuan Yin Temple
- the temple was almost demolised but luckily it's now a heritage site
- apparently many people vouch that their prayers were answered at this temple

Snake Temple
- main deity is Zhong Kui, the vanquisher of evil ghosts
- his companion is a snake hence the various snake structures in the temple
- the deity stays in a cave so the temple had an impressive replication of a cave within the building, complete with rocks and waterfalls! 

Queen of Hearts
- popular bubble tea outlet from Taiwan
- my milk tea with grass jelly drink was good, not too sweet! 
- fried chicken was good!

Finally dinner at Restoran Perlama Seafood
- resting on a platform next to the river
- tables near the edge of the platform were fully booked!
- service was prompt; more importantly, the food was FRESH!
- price was very reasonable: RM101 for 5 pax!
Squid fried with salted egg
Baby spinach stir-fried with garlic
Chicken fried with Chinese wine
Seafood porridge: with mussels, prawn, century egg and fish slices

Port Klang
- the final stop of our journey (and the KTM train) is here
- a new complex to house shopping and business premises is there, unofficially open though
- we took snapshots of the sunset

So ends our outing to Klang, we bought back some ba kut teh packets and reached home by 9.30pm. There's definitely a lot to see and eat in Klang, you just need to know where to look! :)

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