Lunch - Ruby Restaurant

I walked by this store once while accompanying a colleague to another store and decided to try it out. It's got a quaint feel; there's the old grinder used to press out soy milk, and football memorabilia adorns the walls. There's only 3 occupants (besides the owner, who serves really good herbal tea) - the biggest being the dai chao store, then a Western food/fried rice store and a fish ball noodle store. I've not tried the Western food and I only ordered the fish ball noodle soup once (maybe I came late but I was not full after gulping that bowl), so the dai chao is currently my favorite store there. 
Shop's welcome sign
Soy bean grinder
Football memorabilia
Homemade leong sui

Tip: Order everything at once, including the da bao coz in my experience, ordering the da bao in the middle will cause you to wait a good 10 minutes for the da bao after you've finished eating. 

Old-school Coca Cola bottle
Hokkien mee
Cantonese yin yong

The good thing about this dai chao is the wok taste fires in your mouth and the ingredients are very fresh. Also the gravy for the yin yong is not too starchy and the yummy egg flavor is well-captured. The chef also whips up good fried rice so the colleague waiting in the office will not be disappointed! 
Chefs at work

How to get there? I will update with better details, but in the meantime, park in Pudu Plaza > exit near the school > cross Jalan Landak, you should see a small roadside stall selling yau char kuay - move along > turn right, the coffeeshop is at the corner of the first building. Good luck! 
Look for Jalan Kancil

Update: I recently found out the shop also sells tong sui, so ask the tauke what's on the menu, we tried the red bean and the sesame seed paste. Both were a nice sweet finish to lunch!
Red bean
Sesame seed

Note: The dai chao is open 12-3pm and 6-10pm. 

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