Lunch - Kedai 198

I'm not a huge fan of curry laksa but there's one place I would not hesitate to go for this savoury dish and that's at Kedai 198 at the corner of Jalan Brunei Utara, a short walk down from Shaw Parade (parking fee is only RM2 and it's indoor).

The proprietor is flexible and follows your preferences to the tee. So if I don't want chi pei (pork fat), more vegetables, less noodles, I'll get the curry laksa the way I want it. The store also sells wan tan mee, chicken rice and porridge. 

Note: the curry laksa broth is not heavy with the typical coconut milk; it's lighter and by default generously dosed with vegetables (spinach, mint etc). It's not too spicy either so this is a rather mild version of curry laksa. 

There's a variety of drinks to go with your meal; I always go for the umbra juice because it's a rush of bitter, sour and fresh! There's coconut juice, lime lemon, and herbal tea.
Curry laksa
Wan tan mee soup
Wan tan mee dry
The shop's interior

The coffeeshop is open for breakfast and lunch.

Think this is the Negeri Sembilan version of curry laksa?

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