Lunch - Mei Sin Coffeeshop

My stomach grumbles as 11.00am approaches; lunch time is officially between 12-1pm (we can opt for 1-2pm but most of us are too hungry to wait!) and I usually leave around 11.50am with my lunch kakis. I'm fortunate that my office is within close proximity to good food places, especially with a car! My favorite question everyday is "what to eat for lunch ah?"

Hence starts this series of mini articles detailing the lunch makan places :)

Mei Sin Coffeeshop
Located at the corner between Jalan Melati and Jalan Khoo Teik Ee, this coffeeshop is bustling during lunch time, so I suggest to go early so you won't be left with the "hot" seats (hot - near the chef's stove).

My personal favorite is the pork noodles; for RM4.50, the soup is not too "porky"-  just the way I like it. Other alternatives are the char kuay teow (pretty good) and the kai si hor fun (dry version is better, but I find it too oily). 
Pork noodles yum
Kai si hor fun

Other options include curry laksa and chicken rice, but my colleagues complain that the former's service can be pretty sloppy and the latter has small portions albeit speedy delivery:
Curry laksa
Chicken rice

There's also meat ball noodle and pan mee but I seldom try them so I may add my opinion about them later. Also outside the coffeeshop there's a stall selling fried ubi and banana; the fried batter is delicious and fluffy, I sometimes buy back for tea time.

Tried the food here before? Lemme know what you think!

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