Movie Review: The Avengers

One of the most highly anticipated films of 2012, The Avengers does not disappoint. From a stellar cast to brilliant scriptwriting, the movie unites some of Marvel's most beloved superheroes in a fight to protect Earth from a powerful menace. 
A physicist reluctantly leaves his self-exile to follow a Russian spy. A man out of time tries to adjust to the modern world and contemplates his loss and sorrow. A billionaire playboy genius agrees to help a secret government body but he's suspicious of S.H.I.E.L.D's intentions. A thunder god from another world seeks out his rascal of a brother. All these individuals with their strengths and troubles come together to fight the god of mischief, Loki and to contain the power of the Tessaract. 
Loki is not without his skills; he manages to turn Hawkeye against S.H.I.E.L.D and attempt to use the Tesseract to open a portal allowing the extraterrestial army Chitauri to conquer Earth. The Avengers have to overcome their resistance to each other and their personal conflicts to become the heroes that Earth needs in light of the impending invasion.


The heroes are all back, save for Bruce Banner who's now played by Mark Ruffalo. Another fresh face (well he had a stint in the Thor movie) is Jeremy Renner, who plays Hawkeye. The best part of the film is the interaction between the characters; the film is sizzling from the chemistry between the cast members. The script is hilarious, the humor fits in perfectly with the context of the film.
Alan Silvestri returns to pen the music for this mega outing, after composing the soundtrack for the Captain America film. Not only does the music pump through and lifts you through each scene, it is also character-specific so it's easy to identify the emotions that our heroes are experiencing individually
Definitely one of the must-watch films of 2012, it lived up to its billing as awesome, amazing, hilarious and spectacular fun. Even now, if I randomly flip channels and it's playing, I can settle down to watch it through. I'm looking forward to the next sequel; in the meantime, replays will do! 

Tip: stay back for extra scenes!

Update: See Tom Hiddleton's superb performance at a surprise appearance during the recent Comic Con. I can't wait to see the next Avengers installation! :D
I bet there are fans of Loki out there! 

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