Siam Reap Escape - Day 3

After covering all the main attractions, the only activity left is shopping! Firat, we fuelled ourselves with a simple breakfast at the hotel. 

Then we got a message fom one of our friends who left earlier; she left her phone at the airport toilet, luckily another tourist found and returned it to the airport. So we went to collect the phone and headed to Old Market area. We went to a street stall and boy was the food there great! 

We continued to the Old Market thus began our haggling adventure. Typical souvenirs are key chains, cotton clothes, hats, miniature sculptures. Tip: keychain set of 5 should be 5$. Buying more will help you to lower the price per item. 

We then walked to the Central Market; this is where the locals buy everyday goods like vegetables, meats, and even get their hair cut! I got Angkor coffee, dried Amok leaves and curry powder to bring home.

We returned to the hotel and decided to indulge in a foot massage and pedicure session at the sister hotel, Golden Banana Resort located just next door. It was a calming session and I truly felt relaxed after. We then had dinner at the restaurant and packed up before getting into bed early.

Upon returning to Malaysia, I feel like a changed person. Siam Reap was truly an escape for the body and the soul, I've learned so much and it's inspired me to seek out new adventures in the future! I look forward to my next escape to this unique country :)

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