Sudden Writing Rush

Some of you may notice the sudden barrage of articles since last week. I just installed the Blogger app on my iPad mini and I suddenly have ideas of articles in my kind and I actually have the mood to type it all out! 

Please forgive the lack of pictures, I'll get to uploading them soon. I think my approach to blog writing is slightly different now; I genuinely want to write down stuff because its a great form of release -- heaven knows how stressful work has been lately -- plus I want to share information that hopefully will help my readers in some small way. 

I'm giving thought to bringing on a co-author to specialize in matters related to accounts and finance, I would need some pointers on what issues or topics you'd like this mystery writer to focus on so I'd appreciate feedback from yourself :) 

Time flies really fast when you've got a lot of stuff to do, but it's been nearly 5 yrs since I started this blog and I don regret a single moment of it. Thanks again for browsing though and feel free to leave share your thoughts as well! 

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