Useful Apps for Windows 8 Phone

Recall I previously wrote about apps that I got for my Windows  7 phone (Nokia Lumia 710). I got another Nokia phone, a Lumia 720 this time which operates on the new Windows 8 OS. Now the screen is bigger and the resolution is better, so coupled with an awesome Carl Zeiss camera lens, I'm loving my new phone! 

1) The new phone doesn't require an interface software to transfer files between phone and PC, so this is a boon for users. The phone now can act like an external storage and file transfer is a smoother process.

2) Multiple photos can be selected for deletion and editing. Mass upload is still not available.

So what apps have I installed? 

The first that I installed was the Ringtone Maker app. On my previous phone, I'd to use Zune to transfer the desired sound clip to the phone. Now I can create the clip by editing the sound file on my phone with this app. It's user-friendly and allows great flexibility to hear the tune you want whenever you get a call. Unfortunately we can only edit caller ringtones, we still have to use the standard tones for SMS notifications.

The next handy app is more of an evolution of an existing app: meet Panorama, the new version of Photosynth. The best improvement is what I like to call the "follow the string" feature. Previously I'd to estimate the angle of rotating and this sometimes produce a lopsided panel. With Panorama, I simple have to follow the "string" which the app provides to help create a proper rectangle. You must be steady in turning as you may lose the string and you'll have to start again.

Other apps came with the phone, especially photo apps, like Smart Shoot and Sophie Lens. Wallet helps to monitor expenditure and the deals I've purchased. 

Game-playing experience has improved significantly, mostly because the screen is larger and response is better. I recently installed Temple Run, and it's been super fun. 

I still vouch for Nokia smartphones because in my experience, the phone is solid and it does help to increase productivity at a very affordable price compared to other smartphones out there. Hopefully the designers will provide more flexibility and updates that'll make the phone usage a truly enjoyable experience.

PS. This is the first blog article published via Blogger app on iPad mini :)

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