Xin Wah Bah Kut Teh

Klang has got the best bah kut teh but since it's not very convenient to drive there to satisfy the craving, luckily KL has a reprieve for these sudden urges. Look for Xin Wah Restaurant next to Carrefour (now AEON Big) along Jalan Peel and you'll be in for a treat. They serve the soupy and dry version, along with assorted variety of stir fried vegetables. The lala steamed with wine is also a hit here. 
Fresh lala
Stir-fried spinach

You can park right in front of the restaurant as they book the nearby lots for patrons. I just had dinner there with family (it was a substitute for Hokkien mee at Ruby Restaurant which was too busy), so it was nice to have decent BKT at a decent price. 
BKT soup
Stir fried Romaine lettuce

Note that you can't order the extra stuff like mushrooms, etc, but for RM13/head, the soup version with tau foo pok and yao char kuay was satisfactory. The soup had a strong herbal taste; not too bitter but light enough to leave you wanting more. The dry version is more like broiled pork according to my dad, but he agreed the meat was very well cooked. 
Fish head noodles

The restaurant is also open for lunch, and another signature dish is the fish head noodle. 

Try it out and let me know what you think! :)

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