Renew Your IC Online

I've been using the same IC (Identity Card) since I was 18 yrs old, and lately I've been having problems with the chip. I decided it was time to renew the IC and headed on to the JPN site for more information.

MyEG also has a good write-up on IC replacement. 

Renewing the IC is easy: 
1) Set up an account with the online system
- a user manual is provided to guide you step-by-step through the process
- you may select the type of renewal: I upgraded my chip
- below are the various applications for the IC

- did you know that you can get discount at various parks and attractions in Malaysia if you show your IC? 

2) Check if your particulars are still valid
- address, name spelling etc. 

3) Pay the renewal fee RM10
- you may opt for MyEG/online banking/credit card

4) Collect your IC
- Bring your receipt from (3)
- If you select the Putrajaya branch for collection, your IC will be ready within 1 working day. It will take min 2 weeks for other branches, so do call ahead to confirm collection date
- If you want to change your photo, you have to do so at JPN branch

It took me less than 10 min to collect my IC; went to counter 1 > submitted receipt > got a number > thumbprint verification and done! :)

Maybe because it was a weekday + school holiday, but it was a breeze! So fear not if you need to renew your IC, I do believe the government is improving its services! 


ARIA said...

Hi Rowan! For the online IC renewal, do they just printed the photo from your old IC?
Or are you required to upload a new photo while filling up the form online?
(The online passport renewal at Immigration Department Malaysia's website requires you to upload a photo yourself, so that is good).

I want to update my IC online as well but I look way different now compared to 10 years ago.
It would be great to be able to renew the photo when renewing our IC online.

I hope you can answer. Thank You!

Rowan said...


They re-used the same pic but you may want to bring your latest photo; I still looked the same so the officer said I didn't need to change the photo. Hope that helps!