Renew Your IC Online

I've been using the same IC (Identity Card) since I was 18 yrs old, and lately I've been having problems with the chip. I decided it was time to renew the IC and headed on to the JPN site for more information.

MyEG also has a good write-up on IC replacement. 

Renewing the IC is easy: 
1) Set up an account with the online system
- a user manual is provided to guide you step-by-step through the process
- you may select the type of renewal: I upgraded my chip
- below are the various applications for the IC

- did you know that you can get discount at various parks and attractions in Malaysia if you show your IC? 

2) Check if your particulars are still valid
- address, name spelling etc. 

3) Pay the renewal fee RM10
- you may opt for MyEG/online banking/credit card

4) Collect your IC
- Bring your receipt from (3)
- If you select the Putrajaya branch for collection, your IC will be ready within 1 working day. It will take min 2 weeks for other branches, so do call ahead to confirm collection date
- If you want to change your photo, you have to do so at JPN branch

It took me less than 10 min to collect my IC; went to counter 1 > submitted receipt > got a number > thumbprint verification and done! :)

Maybe because it was a weekday + school holiday, but it was a breeze! So fear not if you need to renew your IC, I do believe the government is improving its services! 

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