Cheesecake via Rice Cooker!

Cheesecake is a popular dessert; there are many variations offered in so many cafès, restaurants, and cake shops; to the point that the choices are endless! I am ambivalent about cheesecake; IMO it is pricey so I save it for special occasions plus I don't have strong cravings for cheese. 
So many to choose from...

I had excess cream from the previous tiramisu experiments, so I decided to follow COOKPAD's recipe to make cheesecake in a rice cooker. I made some adjustments to the recipe to suit the availability of ingredients:

1) I didn't have lemon juice so I used kumquat juice. Quantity: 3 tbsps

2) I used approx 75 g of sugar

3) I used all-purpose flour, Philadelphia Cream Cheese (250 g) and Paul's thickened cream (250 mL)

4) I greased the surface of the rice cooker with vegetable oil in lieu of butter.
Before cooking
Steam rising
Finished product

The cheesecake turned out quite nice; if I had butter and digestive biscuits (elaborate recipe here), I would've made a base. I made a mistake of not removing the cake from the pot after it cooled to room temperature so we ate the cake out of the pot :p

The result? Slightly tangy, mildly sweet and deliciously cheesy! 

I am very encouraged by the result and I am looking forward to making a better version next time! :)

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