Lombok 2014 - Day 3

Day 2 was pretty hectic so it was a good thing I slept early; breakfast at the hotel starts at 6.30am. I'd packed the night before so I headed straight to breakfast after a quick shower. The spread was decent; you can order other items like porridge (pretty good!) and yogurt! The pastries were really good too! I'd some toast and yogurt, as I didn't want to eat too much before a 3 hr flight home! 

The hotel staff informed us that Sunday traffic can be busy as many people like to have weddings on Sundays, so they encouraged us to check out early. In hindsight, I think they also wanted to clear the rooms for other guests. Oh well. We managed to make time for a souvenir shop (our transfer agent got his friend to open the shop early for us) so I got some T-shirts and keychains! Our agent clarified that weddings aren't held early in the morning so we reached the airport about 2.5 hrs earlier than departure time. We walked around but the airport is small so there's not much you can do before passing immigration. We had bakso soup; my man didn't like it, I found it to be so-so. 
Colonel Fried Chicken?
Last avocado chocolate
Tempe...a little weird

Sigh it's hard to believe I was in Lombok for such a short period of time! It was a pristine experience: I felt like I was coming home (balik kampung sensation) as the people here are so friendly & genuine. I hope to return in the future for a complete blank-out of the mind and go for the snorkeling as friends said it was pretty good. 

My advice? Go to Lombok before grubby tourists turns it into another "funfair". One can easily cover the waterfall tour and the snorkeling tour plus free & easy activities in 5 days. One friend went diving and another flew to Bali after for surfing. I've said it before: Indonesia is a beautiful country and I hope the government has a firm hand in maintaining the balance between commercialization and tradition. 

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