Lombok 2014 - Summary

Me and my colleague co-organized the department trip to Lombok this year. Initially we engaged a Malaysian tour agency but due to cost constraint, we decided to BE the tour agents and directly contacted the local (Indonesian) tour guides, airport transfer company and hotel to get the best rate for our group. 

The stats

  • Lombok is often referred to as the new Bali - less commercialized
  • Traveling period: end Aug - peak period
  • Group size: 40 pax - only 2 pre-teens
  • Activities: snorkeling, waterfall excursion, free & easy
  • Selected hotel: Santosa Villa & Resort, Senggigi beach
  • Bring adaptor: Lombok uses European 2-pin
It wasn't easy to tailor the trip to suit the masses; Lombok is not as popular as other holiday destinations, so there isn't much information on the net that isn't from a tour agency. TripAdvisor was our main reference on ranking hotels and attractions as it compiled reviews from other travelers. 

We flew with AirAsia, the airline recently provided direct flights to the new Lombok International Airport; previously visitors had to fly to Bali then take a domestic flight/ferry to Lombok. However due to the increasing airfare, we had to split the groups into 2. Hence each group could only participate in one of the day tours. The snorkeling package & the waterfall excursion were available for the 1st & 2nd group respectively. I joined the 2nd group, but I will add some notes later on based on the feedback from my friends who joined the 1st group. 


I think a 4D3N would've been better but we got positive reviews from our colleagues and nothing is more rewarding than a satisfied customer! :D

Approximate cost was less than RM1000. Prices are reasonable there and the food is really good. The people are warm and friendly; even the street peddlers are not rude/pushy. Lombok is indeed a hidden gem; the government has recognized its potential as a tourism hub and there are improvements in infrastructure to meet the demands of the industry. 

I'd a really good break there; I will definitely return as there is more to experience on this island.

I'll write up detailed entries on my holiday there, stay tuned! 
Edit: The write up is done! Click here to start! :)

PS You may drop a comment if you want further details on the planning done ;)

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