Dinner at Neroteca

Initially me & 4 friends wanted to have dinner at TwentyOne but we realized we eat there quite frequently so we got Livingsocial cash vouchers at Neroteca. I suppose the restaurant opted to promote itself via Livingsocial as frankly its location isn't as strategic as Changkat (however close it actually is to that pub-filled street). 

Service was good; they were not hesitant to provide bread, which I may add was really good as it was dense and soaked up yummy balsamic vinegar + olive oil really well = win! They also provided grilled (?) garlic pips so they gave a nice zing to the bread. They were quick to respond, so plus point for them. The ambiance was nice; there were interesting decor and the layout was bright and spacious. 

They'd a decent variety of wine; me & my friend tried the French Sauv. Blanc and Chardonnay - the latter was better, it had better body and it was less dry. The guys had beer and sparkling water. 

On to the meals; I'd spaghetti gamberi - tomato sauce base, prawns and pork bacon. The prawns were fresh and the sauce was well-balanced; not too heavy nor too thin. Spaghetti's texture was good. 
My delicious spaghetti

My friend had the Tagliata - grilled beef striploin, which she announced made Neroteca her next favorite place for beef! I had a bite and the meat was tender; it tasted sooo good. 
Yummy beef
I didn't try the other dishes but the guys said they were good! The only thing lacking is a pizza; we expected a self-proclaimed Italian restaurant to have pizza on the menu but there was none *sad*
A rather small lasagne
Fettucini e funghi
Lamb chop

I don't mind revisiting this establishment as the prices were pretty decent without the discount; the portion of the food was just right and service is commendable :)

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