Loom Bands

I was introduced to loom bands by the bf's cousin; the cousin and her sis were selling loom bands for charity. I got a few then I quickly introduced it to other people; friends, colleagues, relatives etc. The loom band was invented by a Malaysian (Malaysia Boleh!), read the Wiki entry here. The craze boomed after Kate Middleton was spotted wearing a loom band (available from her family business Party Pieces)! 
The engineer behind the idea
The Duchess and the loom bracelet

It is an intricate piece of art - I like the symmetry and you can mix and match your favorite colors! You can also add key rings to hook a pendrive or even your car keys. There are so many types to choose from: jelly, glow-in-the-dark, neon, metallic etc. There are various designs to pick from: classic, dragon scale, spider etc. Charms like hearts and mini doggies are also available. 
Mini engineering
Use it as a keychain
Dragon scale design
Spotted bands

The girls have a FB page showing new designs and the recipients of their generous donations, so like their page and get a loom band (or two) today! Better yet, head on to Plaster House in Empire Shopping Gallery, Subang and get your funk on! :D

I assure you that they use bands of good quality and it's done from the bottom of their hearts :) You can commission them to design to your liking. Remember that it's all for a good cause! Check out the site of Second Chances (formerly Paws Mission), the beneficiary from this charity move. 
Various designs to pick from

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