Moist Banana Carrot Cake

It's been a while since I puttered around in the kitchen; my weekends were busy until yesterday, and it seemed that fate wanted me to make something, so I had just the right amount of ingredients available to follow this recipe

Exceptions to the recipe:
1) I only 75 g of carrot and 40g of almond powder
2) I went for low-fat and low-sugar
3) I added a ripe banana
4) I did not add any liquer nor almonds (for decoration)
5) I didn't grate the carrot; I used a food processor instead (mix the carrot and banana)

The result was really good, the cake was moist and the banana went well with the carrot! I managed to control the baking by covering the top with a aluminium foil so the cake was evenly baked. I'm very motivated to try a moist chocolate cake next :D

PS Does anyone know how to remove the scent of baking soda? 

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