Movie Review: Guardians of the Galaxy

Y'know when movie trailers set your expectations up high but it ends up to be better than the actual film? Good thing this was NOT the case for Guardians of the Galaxy; maybe I learned from previous "incidents" that it's better to set a lower expectation to reduce the disappointment so I thought this film ain't gonna be on par with the massively-successful Avengers movies but GotG is highly entertaining! 

*Disclaimer: I did not follow the comics so my view is purely that as a movie-goer. 

Young Peter Quill fled his dying mom's sick bed, only to be abducted and raised by the Ravagers, extraterrestrial pirates. Their leader, Yondu, never let up on how Quill should be grateful that he was kept alive. Fast-forward 20+ yrs, Peter Quill retrieves an orb that is wanted by both Yondu and Ronan, the latter being a power-thirsty and vengeful fanatic from Kree. 

Quill tries to sell the orb but fails, and finds himself the target of Gamora, a beautiful and cool assassin sent by Ronan, and bounty hunters Rocket and Groot. Rocket is a genetically engineered raccoon who is highly intelligent but seems to have an inferiority complex owing to his...raccoon status. Groot is a tree-like humanoid with a gentle demeanor but his vocab is limited to "I Am Groot", which can go by many meanings. 

The 4 of them are captured by Nova Corps and imprisoned in a space prison. Gamora was nearly killed by Drax, a powerful inmate whose family was murdered by Ronan. Quill managed to talk Drax out of killing Gamora, explaining that she can be bait to get to Ronan. However Gamora revealed that she is no longer on Ronan's side; she wants to prevent Ronan from using the orb for the destruction of worlds so she plans to sell it to another buyer. Together, the 4 of them break out of the prison and flee to Knowhere, the meeting place with Gamora's client. However Ronan is on their trail, along with the Nova Corps and a not-too-happy Yondu. 

The casting was brilliant; Chris Pratt kept his character humorous (and buff!). Zoe Saldana is in green this time, she was sleek and steel, yet vulnerable as Gamora. Bradley Cooper and Vin Diesel lent their voices to Rocket and Groot respectively; yet the chemistry between the two still shines through. I've not seen Dave Bautista on-screen before but he is certainly the embodiment of a grieving and perhaps-too-literal hulk bent on revenge; his performance also contributed to some of the funniest moments in this film! 

Tyler Bates was smart to use feel-good music from the 70's; Hooked on a Feeling started off the film with such a good vibe, you know you're in for a fun ride! The music was good; I particularly liked Groot Spores -- it was a nice underscoring to a sweet moment. The selection of songs for Quill's mixtape is commendable: you can't go wrong with Come and Get Your Love, even Gamora is not invulnerable to the songs! 

While it may not be as "glamorous" as the Avengers, GotG is a very enjoyable film and packed with enough action and funny wit to keep the audience entertained. Go watch if if you haven't already! 

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