I recently joined a weekly violin ensemble class and my teacher is open to trying different pieces, not necessarily classic, so I joined musescore as they had quite a variety of free sheet music and the software was relatively easy to use. Previously I used GuitarPro so I didn't have much trouble adapting to musescore software. I like how the interface is similar to Microsoft Visio; it creates a professional feel to what I was doing! :p

Transcribing music was habitual for me during university; the orchestra was small so purchasing sheet music was impractical as we would not be able to achieve the same depth as a full orchestra. Good thing I've perfect pitch so we could write out scores and adapt it to our capabilities. 

I've uploaded several pieces, both are transcribed by moi; feel free to browse and share pieces on this wonderful site :) Check out my profile here. If you have pieces you would like me to try, feel free to comment! 

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