Seeri Friday

I purchased cash vouchers for food at Seeri Thai restaurant from Livingsocial, and I went there with family one Friday evening. The restaurant is on the same row as Super Kitchen pan mee in SS2, so do be prepared to fight for parking. The restaurant was not crowded on a Friday night, so we got a table easily. There was a homey feel to the restaurant; simple polka dot table covers and decor on the walls.

We ordered lemongrass tea and sea coconut. The lemongrass tea was very refreshing, I preferred it more than the sea coconut. We ordered seafood tom yam soup, stir fried ferns, pork with basil leaves, green curry and pineapple fried rice. The tom yam was delicious but overly spicy. The stir fried ferns had enough oyster sauce to keep it savory without being too salty. The winner IMO was the pork with basil leaves: incredibly fragrant and the added chili gave an extra kick. The green curry was really good - the santan came through and there was a slight bitter taste from the herbs used, which added some body to the curry. The pineapple fried rice had a nice tangy taste -- points to the restaurant for using fresh ingredients. 

Sis ordered sticky rice with mango, I didn't try it as I was stuffed but I quote her saying it was "AMAZE-BALLS" :D
I don't mind coming back again, as I think this place is good for a simple family affair and the food was authentic Thai; even the wait staff were Thai and they were very courteous. Go here for good service, good food and a pleasant homey ambiance :)

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