Go Green with B-Lite

Some of you may notice the Go Green gadget on the left of this blog. Typical household and industrial lighting methods employ fluorescent lamp tubes because it is relatively cheaper than LED lights. However many home owners are switching to LED for its following advantages:

1) Better cost savings
While the price of a LED lamp is higher than the fluorescent lamp, the LED lamp has better long term savings as it can last much longer than the fluorescent lamp, hence replacement is not as frequent. This is especially true for industrial users, where frequent maintenance will require more downtime as well as labor cost. 

2) Environmental friendly
Fluorescent lamps contain mercury which is not only a pollutant but a toxic chemical. LED lamps are safer and it is not noisy. LED lamps also have better energy efficiency and consumes less electricity which contributes to a greener environment. 

3) More durable & efficient
LED lamps are not constructed from glass so handling is safer. Also, they emit less heat, reducing risk of accidental heating/fire. The LED lamp illuminates strong and instantly.  

View the complete product catalog at B-Lite's official site. Feel free to drop a comment or email me for more information :)

Disclaimer: I am promoting this product from my personal experience and I do not receive payment for posting the gadget ;)

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