KiKi Taiwan Cuisine

There's something about Fridays that entice us to eat somewhere different *more expensive cough cough* for lunch. Shopping malls are the best answer as parking is easier and houses many options. Near my office we tend to go to Pavilion, Avenue K or KLCC Suria. To be honest, I only go to KLCC to attend the concerts by the Malaysian Philharmonic Orchestra and I find the food outlets/restaurants there either too expensive or crowded. However, if no decision is made on the venue, I would always recommend KiKi Taiwan Cuisine by Fong Lye (I've not eaten at Fong Lye before but I heard the food is good). 
Sweet sour fish
Seafood fried noodle
Rice with Chinese Wine

The set meals consist of 1 main dish and 3 types of side dishes; the portion is just nice for 1 person and there is so much variety. Don't be fooled by the long Q: the turnover is fast and usually we get seats after 5-10 min. Also the wait staff give refreshing lemon juice to waiting patrons, so no rush la :D I always order the milk tea but recently I've taken to ordering a pot of Oolong tea to share.
3 types of side dishes
Marmite chicken
My favorite milk tea

I am posting food from various visits so I can't recall their names but they are really delicious. So for a delicious lunch away from the usual with efficient service, head on to KiKi Taiwan Cuisine ;)

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