Resolutions for 2015

I seldom put my mind to resolutions - they tend to be the same every yr and generic in nature. This time, I've more specific goals in mind and I'll just list them here so I can easily look 'em up whenever I need reminding :p

1) Play mahjong
I never played or was exposed to the game much until last yr CNY at the bf's home; his family members are very skilled at the game and it was a rush of pongs, counting and pretty tiles clinking. I suppose it would be a good game to learn; after all, it is a good way to bond with others and adds to the CNY mood :D 

2) Make ice cream & desserts
The bf got me an ice-cream maker machine for my birthday. My 1st attempt of making coffee-chocolate ice cream (complete with choc chips) wasn't good; I'd too much water so the texture didn't turn out so well. There are various recipes and I want to try make some favorites - sweet corn, pineapple...I also want to make tau fu fah. My previous attempts with Konnyaku jelly did NOT work. I guess one mustn't give up and experiment to get the right taste & texture.

3) Continue learning violin
I joined a violin group class every Sat since Aug and it's been good so far -- I made new friends and learned songs that can only really be played by a group of instruments. I also considered joining the KLPAC string orchestra but the audition required 2 pieces of different styles and min Grade 6 level. This got me to learn a few new solo pieces and to seriously reconsider taking the Grade 7 exam in Aug 2015. Let's see if my schedule and budget permits it :D

4) More holidays!
The company recently revamped the leave system -- previously I could carry forward maximum 14 days and sell off unlimited days. I still get 21 days of annual leave; however, the new system dictates I sell off and carry forward maximum 7 days each. This means relatively less moolah and I have to plan my schedule with more scrutiny. The bf booked a 4D3N trip to Bangkok with AirAsiaGo in Jan, and I'm taking 2 days off for my cousin's wedding in Port Dickson. I'm toying with Japan or Australia, maybe even HK-Macau or Hanoi/Ho Chi Minh. If you have travel tips to these destinations, do share!

5) Get fitter
I play badminton regularly and sometimes I go jogging or swimming (mood-dependent). I may go for jogging more regularly since that 1 session with the bf (the best coach ever!) and participate in more charity runs/walks. I personally feel my money/time would be better utilized for events that raise awareness. 

So these are my top 5 goals for 2015. Have you listed yours down yet? :)

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