Urbano e Fresco

Sis just turned 26 so we had dinner at Urbano e Fresco, an Italian restaurant at Solaris Dutamas. The atmosphere was quiet, modern and good for family to borak-borak. The menu is in a newsletter format -- I was disappointed that they didn't have much variety in terms of meat and pasta dishes. There are many choices for pizza as well as desserts tho. 

Bread for starters: nothing superb about this. The bread was relatively thinner than what I'm used to so you may end up tasting too much balsamic vinegar/ olive oil as they get soaked up easily. 

We shared the following:
1) Breaded chicken breast

2) Pesto spaghetti

3) Carbonara spaghetti

4) Spaghetti bolognese

5) Pizzas

The portions were a bit small but the taste was good; not too flavorful. I particularly liked the pesto spaghetti and the carbonara. The pizzas are oven-baked; the crust was thin and crunchy - me likey! The service was okay; the staff were pleasant and attentive. I don't mind returning for decent Italian fare. 

PS I went again with the bf and we had the pesto spaghetti (see? I really liked it!) and Urbano's pizza with 3 different toppings (we had mixed mushrooms, seafood and tuna) -- good stuff! However they changed their policy and bread was not served for Livingsocial voucher holders. What a bummer...the price should be discounted, not the service or the quality! >.<

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