Siem Reap 2014 Day 2

After a good night's rest from Day 1, we left around 8.30am with tuk tuk and got our temple pass (USD 20).

Warning: there will be many pics and not much words in this post as pics do say more than words. This map by Canby Publications is a handy guide and you should be able to get this free from the hotel. 

Our 1st destination was Ta Phrom. This is popularly known as the Tomb Raider temple as the movie shot some scenes here. Some parts were under restoration and conservationists reconstruct certain sections with the same and/or new stones. 

My temple pass
Passing by the river
A majestic welcome
It was a short walk to Ta Keo. I've not been to this temple before. Believed to be the first temple constructed completely out of sandstone, it was built by 
Up up up
We then proceeded to Bayon in Angkor Thom. 
From Bayon we walked to Baphuon and climbed up and down 300 steps for a view of the mirror lakes below. Note that here inappropriate attire is not tolerated: sleeveless and shorts above the knee is prohibited. Recall that there are park wardens at the entrance of most temples to check your attire and the validity of your temple pass.
We walked thru the jungle to Phimeanakas. It is not as massive as Baphuon but still as intricate.
A random tree
A quick look see
Finally we reached the Elephant Terrace and headed back towards Baphuon where our tuk tuk was waiting. We passed by the Leper King Terrace
See the elephant?
Leper King Terrace
Then we headed to the ultimate destination: Angkor Wat. Unfortunately it was noisy and crowded with tourists, but it didn't detract much from the sheer wonder of this temple complex. Yet again I was unable to explore the elusive central sanctuary. Due to the fragile condition of this structure, only 20 people are allowed at any one time. The queue was insane so I guess I have to make another trip to complete the temple tour experience! 
The moat
Like-minded individuals
One day I'll go up there
Reflection of Angkor Wat
We went back to the hotel for a quick swim in the pool and showered before a night out at Pub Street. I brought us to the Red Piano; it is my favorite place to hangout at Pub Street as the food is decent and there's an extensive menu plus live music from the opposite establishment is easier to enjoy from a distance. Of course, there's the "customary" Tomb Raider cocktail created to honor the movie 10 yrs ago and still going strong! 
A quick swim
Hello Pub Street
The Red Piano
A busy night
We had aforementioned cocktail, a glass of house white, banana shake and pineapple shake. On the dishes side, we ordered Cambodian curry, beef lok lak and a chocolate topped pancake. 
Drinks for the night
Music from across the road
Chocolate topped pancake
Beef lok lak
Cambodian curry
After dinner we walked around the Night Market and found our feet massaged for 2 USD (30 min) inside the new Night Market. There was a ladyboy show (in Cambodian) so we could not comprehend the content of the performance. Pretty bizarre stuff! 
Getting a foot rub...
...while waiting for the show to start
We stopped by a mart and got some drinks before heading back to the hotel. We watched some TV and browsed the internet before dozing off. Our plans for Day 3 was shop and have some happy pizza! :D
Evening company
The coconut yogurt was quite nice!

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