Down the Rabbit Hole

Usually I organize lunches/dinners for birthdays or gatherings. This time, we had dinner at Rabbit Hole because one colleague was available (usually he goes home straight from work), so I snapped up Groupons and in total 13 pax attended. One thing I liked about the menu is the catchy (and sometimes quirky) names given to the dishes. You'd never know what to expect, so I'll let the pics speak for themselves! ;)
Damn Good Steak - mediocre
Salmon teriyaki & cauliflower rice - one of the best dishes
Breakfast Benedict Pizza - eggy delight
Nangka tom yam fried rice - the nangka added a sweetness

Darth Vader IV Burgers
Dog food - nice combo of nachos, chili and fries
Popeye pizza - pizza rolls! Quite cheesy
White Chick - the meat was juicy
Hot cakes - potato base with jam, cream and berries
Snow White & 6 Dwarves - typical waffle dessert
Oreo Garden - only the garnish & pot are inedible!
Ballerina's Revenge
A bit sweet but not a bad dessert

We opted for outdoor seating mainly because there wasn't space indoor. It drizzled for a bit but the staff extended the awning and the weather improved after so it was a nice dining experience. The decor wasn't bad either; there were interesting murals and a nice yumseng sign on the wall. Warning: it couldn't hurt to apply mosquito repellent! I did note this down in the feedback form and the wait staff came out with a spray on repellent! More points for such friendly staff! :D

I do have some minor grouses:
1) The seating (smooth wooden bench indoors & metal/steel chairs outdoors) got uncomfortable after a while. Cushions would provide a welcome relief.

2) The kitchen forgot some of the dishes or the dishes were served quite late and the whole group had to wait out of courtesy for the late dish.

3) There isn't much choice for vegetarian fare. However the kitchen does prepare vegetarian version of available dishes. 

I don't mind coming back here again; the food wasn't bad and service was fine. Atmosphere wasn't too bad either! :)

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