Hair Away: Review of Musee Platinum Tokyo

There are many articles out there busting the myth that hairless is beautiful. I wouldn't proudly proclaim that I've an unbearable bush at my underarms but I have an incessant urge to make it bare and hair removal is part of my maintenance routine. I use tweezers (I'm such an expert) but I do notice the skin surface isn't as smooth as I'd like it to be (the pores tend to be bigger if you pluck often) and hair growth doesn't change. 

I bought this Groupon for lifetime sessions of hair removal (bikini + underarm) for only RM128 at Musee Platinum Tokyo. Musee is proud of their S.S.C Method, where they effectively remove hair by "intercepting" the hair growth cycle (this is my own deduction, you can try and infer the mechanism from their site). I signed up at Fahrenheit 88 as it is near to office hence convenient for me to book during weekdays (less crowded). 

Note: You're only allowed to change location once. 

1) Consultation
The therapist will run through the do's and don'ts and check if you have any medical issues that may hinder the effectiveness of the treatment. She will then explain the steps and the packages available so you can decide on what works for you. 

Note 1: Consultation is free. I didn't think the therapist was pushing the packages, she was just informing the available options. 

Note 2: You can get a similar package at Musee directly for underarms only at RM88 (darn this was the one I should have gotten!)...so I recommend to go for the consultation before buying the Groupon!

2) Treatment
Their page clearly describes the treatment steps. One thing to note is to please shave at least 2 days before your appointment. Their shaver has a very fine blade so it will take time for her to shave the excess hair. 

Note: The therapist can refuse to perform the treatment if the hair is over-excessive. 

The gel was REALLY cold; the light rays were super bright, good thing they cover the eyes! My therapist was Japanese so you can imagine a soft spoken, gentle woman who informs me of every step she is about to perform. The treatment was comfortable; I felt minimal pain when light is applied to my underarms. 

3) Aftermath
The duration between treatment sessions is min 2 months; I can vouch that within 2 weeks, the hair drops out easily (without much tugging) and the skin is smoother than before. Typically 6 sessions are required before you can see significant improvement (finer hair etc). 

I know others who have positive testimonials for this treatment so I don't have any regrets (except for paying RM40 extra - sigh). Hopefully this will finally lead me away from hair-free troubles! :) Of course to those who aren't keen in hair removal, always be confident in your own skin! Even Madonna is okay with it ;)
I've gone for 4 sessions now and there is significant reduction in hair thickness and I have some bare patches :) 


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