Hot Pilates Steaming the Way

I hesitated before purchasing this Groupon for several reasons:

1) I didn't have proper pilates attire (I know, such a petty reason haha)
2) The last time I did pilates was 7 yrs ago and couldn't remember if I liked it

Then I considered that the classes will be conducted in sauna-like conditions (40°C) and Urban Spring is really near to my house; plus I think it's good to try out different exercises (I can't do more than 4 sessions of badminton a week and I'm still not losing weight, no thanks to my incredible appetite post-CNY). I've always thought of pilates as yoga with focus on core muscles (the abdomen and spine) :D

So me and my friend shared the Groupon and I bought a package after the 1st session because I really enjoyed the workout and I needed to use my newly bought pilates attire XD

Among the benefits of hot pilates are:
1) The heat warms the muscles and enable them to stretch more than usual
- in addition, it reduces muscle soreness and increases the level of endorphin in our blood

2) Sweating helps release toxins
- high temperature encourages deep sweating which helps reduce levels of toxins that we absorb everyday from our contact with the environment (eg lead, mercury etc). 

3) It also aids weight loss
- high temperature increases cardiovascular activities which requires more oxygen and the body burns more calories in the process. 

I liked that the instructor checks that we are doing the exercise correctly. They also provide modifications/alterations so you can try different styles to the same exercise. Another good thing is they have sessions every day (several times a day, in fact) and you're not bound to attend the same slot every week. The staff also send reminders (via whatsapp and SMS) on classes that you've pre-booked as well as notifying those on the wait list when a slot is freed up. 

So if you're interested, you can consider getting a referral (from me, send me an email for more info!) and enjoy package rates. Walk-in fee is RM65 and you can easily enjoy package rate at 50% of the usual rate. 

Disclaimer: This article represents purely my opinion and I do not get any monetary profit from referring others :)

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