Ipoh Day Trip

Me and friends decided to celebrate Merdeka Day doing what Malaysians do best: MAKAN. So on 1st Sept, we left KL around 5.30am and arrived at Ipoh within 2 hrs. It was already packed with people having the same goal as us: looking for dim sum breakfast in Ipoh. We headed to the popular Foh San but the crowd was immense; you'd think the restaurant staff would have a better system in handling the q but there was none in place! We walked down the road to the less crowded (but we still had to wait 20 min) restaurant. 

Crowded everywhere!

A trip to Ipoh would not be complete without Funny Mountain tau foo fah stall. On the way there, we stumbled upon the mural alleys and admired some unique artwork. 

We waited 20 min again, luckily we met a friend who let us queue with him. We did some light shopping for biscuits and other food stuff at one of the various confectioneries. 
Mmmm huge vat of tau foo far
Confectionaries galore

We craved for the famous hor fun noodles at Thean Chun, but we waited 35 min for a seat only to be informed that not only do we have to wait another hour for the hor fun, the coffeeshop ran out of egg custard. So we squeezed together at 1 table to share satay (which was pretty good) and coffee. Nearby is Bits & Bobs, we queued for ais bola. There are 3 flavors so we bought one of each. Holding the melting ice ball brought back nostalgic memories of my childhood.
Waiting again
Bits & Bobs
If you do not know how to enjoy ais bola...
Ais bola
The weather was sweltering at this point and we thought if only there was a cool place where we can rest and enjoy our tau foo fah. Then an idea struck: let's go to Cameron Highlands! On the way up we stopped at the road shoulder, ate the tau foo fah and enjoyed the cool winds while admiring the view of the forests. We decided to go to Tanah Rata for scones at Lord's Cafè and steamboat dinner at 

Boy, the traffic jam upwards could match peak jam in KL! We took the road which most travelers take down, hence we fought our way through hordes of tourists jamming the roads hugged by flower/bee/strawberry/whatnot farms. 

When we reached Tanah Rata the congestion eased off but unfortunately Lord's Cafè was closed *creys* We walked around a bit then went to Brinchang where the pasar malam was in full swing. We were famished so we gobbled fried chicken, fried mushroom & bought some fresh produce. 
Honey, durian...
Piping hot fried chicken
Colored guava

The popular Cameron Organic Produce steamboat restaurant was packed so we went next door to Ho's Organic Farm Steamboat restaurant. The vegetables were fresh and the herbal soup had a calming effect after the hustle and bustle of the day. 
All in all, this food trip was enjoyable and looking back, I feel I've gotten too old to indulge in such an adventure ;)

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