Review - Facial at NY Skin Solutions

I received a complimentary skin care set + facial therapy at New York Skin Solutions by Citibank. It's not my 1st free treatment courtesy of Citibank; my previous treatment was at London Weight Management. I suspect these 2 establishments are under the same company; using capitals of the world to headline the brand and similar font makes it pretty obvious! 

I did some research: responses were mixed. My friend went before and warned me that the staff can be very pushy (another sign that they are under the same company). I redeemed the facial at the Midvalley branch. It's my second facial treatment; my first was at Holistic Esthetics (redeemed a voucher for Sothys facial which was pretty good) and today my skin felt worn out so I decided to pre-pone my previous appointment to today hehe! 

*I didn't take photos oops!

The therapist was a nice young lady (her English wasn't fluent and my Mandarin is non-existent so there was some Malay exchange), I entered a private consultation room where I filled out my particulars and they created an account for me. She took photos of certain areas on my face (forehead, nose, cheeks, chin) with a handheld gadget that looks a lot like the supermarket label reader! 

Then treatment started: cleanser - cold mist - extraction - collagen application - honey mask - protein - toner and wash

In between photos were taken to show before & after treatment shots, plus a lot of 'resting;. 

1) I would've thought a steam instead of cold mist would be more effective to opening the pores; extraction was somewhat painful and not very effective
2) Post-treatment feeling: pores were smaller but not as fine as I'd expected. 
3) Super pushy: when my therapist couldn't convince me to get a package, 2 more came in and the price just kept dropping and dropping until I didn't know what is the real price. 

In the end I decided against buying the package because the treatment didn't work as well as I'd hope it to. I got my free facial and after 10 min of holding my ground against pushy beauticians (I could see the patience of one senior beautician fraying when she started punching the calculator keys), I got my free skin care set. 

For more information, check out their website. They offer free consultation to assess your dermatological conditions and the suitable treatment. Details of the package? Buy 1 session, bring family & friends for free & if they buy a session, you get a free session credited back into your account. 

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