Macaron Mania

My first exposure to macarons was 5 years ago when one of the senior engineers brought a box back from Ladurèe, France. It was a new experience for me so I savored the delicate biscuit and the lightly sweet creamy filling. In KL, many cafès and restaurants are offering macarons as a dessert option. Typical price is RM3/piece; you may say it is pricey but do you know it is not one of the easiest pastry to make? I personally have not tried but watching the video below will give you a good idea of the labor that goes into the creation of the perfect maracon. 

So imagine my wonder at my friend who's half of the team behind Petite Blanc Patisserie, a macaron supplier in Klang. I am fortunate (and ever grateful) to taste some of their delightful offerings and I can testify that they are GOOD!

Why should you get macarons from Petite Blanc? 
- 100% fresh ingredients
- beautiful balance between biscuit and cream
- variety of unique and favorite flavors
- perfect for parties and events
- reasonable pricing (easily 40-50% cheaper than typical price)
Top selling favorites: matcha (green tea), raspberry and salted caramel

Check out their Facebook page and get your hands on some yummy macarons! :D

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