SSMH Charity Carnival is Back!

I'll be honest: I never heard of SSMH (Society for the Severely Mentally Handicapped) until my music school principal informed that our string ensemble will perform for the event. 

SSMH provides day care and education for the severely mentally disabled children and youths; these special children require regular therapy besides love and care. The society also aims to raise awareness of the needs of these special children and the work performed by SSMH to help the children gain more independence. 

The objective of the charity carnival is to spread that awareness and to raise funds enabling SSMH to assist these children in gaining a better future. The children have cerebral palsy and there are full time therapists to aid them. 

So if you're free on that weekend, drop by and lend a helping hand! :) I'll be performing with friends on the Sun; also there will be more than 40 booths offering various goodies ranging from fashion, food and so much more!

The booklets are ready and available at SSMH or get them at the carnival itself! Check out their FB page and official website :) Receipt will be provided for tax relief purposes. SSMH is listed under Category 44(6) of LHDN and eligible for tax relief.

FYI Music Makers Bangsar (subsidiary of JJ Pianoforte) will teach 1st month of music for free upon registration at the carnival to aid this charity, feel free to contact them for further info :)

I'm proud to say I personally collected RM4500 from 63 donors; there will be a Star Wars charity screening at TGV SS22 Mall in PJ on 21 Dec, tickets priced RM50 each so go watch a show & be a Star Wars hero for the kids at SSMH :)

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