Yogyakarta 2015 - Summary

I've always wanted to visit Yogyakarta for the main attractions Borobudur and Prambanan temples. I'm often told that once you've seen them and Angkor Wat, you're spoiled for life. It was the Kinabalu earthquake that urged me to go to Yogyakarta >.<

The stats

  • Yogyakarta is not just a tourism hotbed; there are many universities in Yogyakarta and this contributes to the relatively lower cost of living compared to other parts of Indonesia.
  • Travel period: late Aug - this is considered end of summer, and the rainy season commences in mid-Sept. It is still off-peak and the clear blue skies create perfect photography opportunities.
  • I went with my university mate, so it was easy traveling around.
  • Hotel of choice: Jambuluwuk Malioboro Boutique Hotel; recommended by another friend and located in the heart of the city.
  • Tour guide: Mr Yoga Pratana; recommended by several colleagues. 

4D3N is sufficient to cover the main attractions. However our itinerary was modified to suit our tempo; eg we canceled the tour to Mt Merapi and opted to rest after a tiring day tour of Borobudur + Dieng Plateau. 

PS Dieng Plateau was not in the original itinerary. 

Day 1 - arrive in the afternoon > free & easy > Ramayana ballet
Day 2 - Borobudur > Dieng Plateau
Day 3 - Mt Merapi "Lava Tour" > Prambanan > Candi Sewu > sunset at Candi Ijo
Day 4 - shopping at Malioboro > Kraton & Taman Sari > batik & wayang kulit factories

Not in original plan

This was one of the best trips; the temple complexes were not too crowded, food was great and we had enough rest. I returned to Malaysia feeling rested mentally and physically. Get started on the full write-up with my 1st day :)

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