Mad for Mozart!

I am not new to KLPAC; I heard of them way back when they were housed in BSC (as Bangsar Actors' Studio) and I attended the Flute Festival in 2007. Recently I was re-introduced to the KLPAC via a colleague: she, too, is a violinist with the KLPAC Orchestra. I was intrigued with the idea of a musical group comprising people from different walks of life and ages. Within a few days of taking my grade 7 exam, I went for the audition and have been preparing for my maiden concert on 20 & 21 Feb 2016. Entitled Mad for Mozart, our concert will feature some of Mozart's most dazzling works :)

Preparing for a piece is not just about practicing; one must also understand the background and wonder what was Mozart thinking when he penned the notes to such dynamic music. Let's review the pieces to be showcased:

Divertimento in D major, K136
Penned at age 16, this piece is full of Mozartian grace and charm; there is an arrage of 16th note combos throughout the piece and the opening theme is a version of a motif that Mozart would use in other pieces eg the Concerto in E Flat, K160. 

Voi che sapete from Marriage of Figaro
This is an aria from one of Mozart's most celebrated works: The Marriage of Figaro. The soprano lends her voice to a lovesick boy who sings for an aristocrat girl before being sent off to the army. A female soprano is selected to represent an adolescent male in love with every female he sees. 
Divertimento in F Major, K138
Mozart composed this at the age of 15 and it was a reflection of youth; it is light and with a singing melodic that is pleasing to the ear. He wrote the piece fresh with ideas from his time in Italy; the middle Andante is meltingly lyrical and the outer movements are rapid. 

Flute Concerto in D major, K314
The flute concerto is a reworked version of the Oboe Concerto in C major; Mozart was commissioned by Dutch flautist Ferdinand De Jean to compose several flute concerti and he decided to modify the oboe concerto instead of creating a new piece. 

Symphony no 29 in A major, K201
This is my favorite piece: this work embodies everything Mozart knows about symphonic music. Here is the music a confident 18 year old wants to bring to the world, full of fun and contrast. 

Hopefully you will find the music enjoyable as I have found it moving. It is my first time performing music at this scale and I've learned so much since my first rehearsal. You may purchase the tickets online or at the box office

*There's a promotion for tickets: buy 2 free 1! 

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