12 Monkeys: Time Traveling TV Fun

I've not seen the movie that this Syfy TV series was based on but I am enjoying every minute of the 12 Monkeys! Season 2 just ended and boy it was quite a ride! The series is set in a post-apocalyptic future: the Army of the 12 Monkeys unleashed a deadly virus plague that exterminated most of humankind. 
Hardened physicist Dr Jones leads a group of survivors to send our reluctant hero James Cole through time and space to reverse the work of the 12 Monkeys. Cole enlists the help of Dr Cassandra Reily, a virologist who during an unknown time in the mid-future (?) sent a message identifying the 1 Monkeys as the culprit, hence starting the time traveling missions. 
Dr Jones
While the 1st season exposed the 12 Monkeys army as obsessed with "cleansing" the human rice by unleashing the virus, the 2nd season focused on the ultimate villain The Witness who is responsible for the catastrophe that has befallen mankind. The character development is solid: Cole has transformed from a man with nothing to lose to a hero who is dedicated to doing the right thing, no matter the cost. Dr Cassandra has also transformed from a woman thrust into a situation beyond her control to a strong individual driven by hurt and grief. 
Cole & Dr Cassie
The supporting cast is also a joy to watch: my favorite is Jennifer Goines, a Primary and her winning performance meshes the crazy with the sane along with time travel humor. Ramsay is Cole's long time friend-turned-uneasy enemy after suffering personal loss and disillusionment in Jones' methods. The Pallid Man is creepy and delivers his lines with chilling violence. 
The show employs clever use of flashback elements and cryptic dialogue that designs many "A-HAAAAA" moments. The end of Season 2 brings us back to the greatest question: will Cole be able to undo the evils of the 12 Monkeys and save humankind from extinction? Only time will tell, really :)

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