Game of Thrones

The wildly successful HBO series is based on George R. R. Martin's popular fantasy book series A Song of Fire & Ice. 6 seasons have been devoured by forever-hungry fans, each with 10 x 1 hr episode and producers have confirmed the final 2 seasons will have less than 10 episodes each.

I've not read the books as they are complex,  featuring different POVs, each narration building the power struggle for the Iron Throne and the threat of the undead White Walkers. The dialogue is incredibly engaging & so well-delivered, thus it's no surprise that the series have won many awards. There's no lack of violence, nudity and shock surprises that will leave you yearning for more. 

There is no hesitation in killing off characters for the progression of the story; hence it is common to become attached to a character, be it a protagonist or the villain, only to be shattered when he/she is cut down. People aside, the scenery is amazing as it is shot in various of Ireland. Cinematography is stunning and special effects is heavily utilized to bring dragons & magic to life.

The opening credit will always bring goosebumps, thanks to Ramin Djawadi's haunting theme song. Rich with strings and undertones of battles past & impending, whether waged with swords or lips, the theme is used in different variations to enhance the mood of every scene.

If you haven't watched the TV series, you're missing out on the jokes and fan theories (some predictions turned out to be correct). In any case, you have enough time to catch up before season 7 is expected to air in May 2017.

Yes they delayed the usual screening month from April to May because as the Starks say it, "Winter is Coming" :p

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