Hong Kong 2016: Day 2

Day 1 provided a nice introduction to Hong Kong was a mega city awaiting discovery so day 2 was dedicated to exploring the wares on sale in Kowloon, Tsim Sha Tsui and Mong Kok. I'm not a shopaholic but I was told Hong Kong is shopping paradise so we took the MTR from Wanchai to Mong Kok. A traditional chan char teng breakfast is mandatory in Hong Kong so we dropped by Tsui Wah; I was disappointed because Malaysian breakfast is so much better that macaroni in soup...
Tsui Wah facade
Egg and bun
Macaroni in soup
Pork leg soup noodles
Noodles with preserved vegetables

You know you're in a market area when the streets are named after vegetables! 
Into the market
The buildings here are more rustic and reminds me of Hong Kong drama street chases! We explored the Fa Yuen market which was bustling with vendors selling all kinds of consumables. Walking among the fresh vegetables and meats made us hungry and somehow sour tomato soup noodles seemed like a great idea! 
So much veggies!
Ginger, anyone? 
Mi Xian Sour Spicy is a modern dining spot, service was fine and the tomato soup was thick, sour and sweet. We tried the normal and the spicy version and they were both delicious, tho perhaps the spicy didn't have enough kick :p They also had a wide variety of drinks, similar to what you'd get at Malaysian chan char tengs like Kim Gary etc. 
Tomato soup noodles
Iced Horlicks with soy

It was great weather for a stroll: we checked out the Tin Hau temple (no photos allowed within temple compounds) and more of old town Hong Kong. Our wanderings brought us to the famous Australian Dairy Co, famous for breakfast dishes. The crowd was thick and we plowed through the egg custard and creamy scrambled eggs. 
Tin Hau Temple
Interesting figure
Australia Dairy Co
Menu in Chinese....
Perfect egg custard
Gotta have milk
Legendary scrambled eggs
The best thing about impromptu trips is how unplanned surprises can be really fun. I did not expect to spend the rest of my day at the HK Science Museum and the HK Museum of History. Entry is free to the public on Wed (guess we were lucky!) plus the Hadron Collider exhibition was ongoing at the science museum - yay for geeks like me! 
The HK Science Museum
The Hadron Collider exhibition
The HK Museum of History
Evening came quickly and Hong Kong took on a different light. Bf's cousin brought us to dinner with his friend at Miso, Connaught place. It was a refreshing change from char chan teng and street food service, plus the food was incredible! 
Shimmering in dusk
Good evening folks! 
Sushi platter
Beef teppanyaki
Cod fish
Garlic fried rice

The Hong Kong Eye
It was nice walk and tram ride back to the hotel, tho my feet were starting to ache from all the walking! Day 3 promised to test the limits of my walking stamina :p

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