Hong Kong 2016: Day 3

No 1 stop for Day 3 was Tim Ho Wan. I've not been to the Malaysian branch in Midvalley and the crowds are notorious. We researched the branches that would be less populated at mid-morning and returned to Central. We got seats fairly quickly and the food order was placed swiftly. Verdict? It was ok-la; the portion was alright but I've tried better dim sum in back home and the variety was a bit disappointing (well my favorite dim sum stuff were not offered so maybe I'm biased). 
Tim Ho Wan
The menu
Chicken feet
Chee cheong fun
Shu mai
Radish cake
Har gao
Being the troopers that we were, we decided to walk through the park to reach the base tram to Victoria's peak. The park was big and we detoured through the aviary. The walkway allowed close proximity to the many birds that call the aviary home. 
Strategically placed viewing decks
We reached the base station but the queue was super long so we decided to be adventurous and hike up Victoria's Peak. The route was well defined and it is probably one of the few places in HK where you feel true quiet and less "crowd". The air was fresh and there were many hillside condominiums dotting the way up. 
Here we go!
Don't look back!
Can't get lost with signs like these
This is steeper than it looks
Jemputla masuk...
Ye Olde Peak Road
A viewing deck
Halfway up
We reached the top in 1 hr and dragged our feet into the Peak Galleria, a shopping center (why are there so many shopping centers in HK?). We grabbed an egg tart (superb stuff!) from Tai Cheong bakery and lunched at Mak's noodle. The noodles are better than Yat Lok - I don't know how the noodles can be so fine yet so firm! The wantans are big and really yummy. 
Peak Galleria
Light combo
Glistening goodness
Mak's noodles
Mak's menu
Yummy wantans
Hong Kong kailan
Best noodles
Victoria Peak write-up

We took the bus down (I am done walking at this stage), it was such a relief to just not move and take in the scenes as we move down to Central. We took a quick shower at the hotel then headed out to meet another friend at Wooloomooloo sky lounge. The view was stunning and the drinks were not too pricey. The staff was extremely friendly and it was a nice break to simply soak in the nightline of HK and enjoy good company. 
Some bubbly
View of the street
View of the harbor
Sporting staff!
Dinner was Japanese again as we didn't want another round of wanton noodles -- this time it's at Tiger Curry. Service was quick and friendly, the food was really delicious and filling. They offer you a build-your-curry option so you can customize it however you like it! The Katsu curry had kick and the eggy taste was perfect! 
Dinner time!
Gosh look at all that yums
After spice, we needed something nice, so we had dessert at Via Tokyo. The green tea and sesame seed ice-cream was the perfect finish to the night. It was a quiet walk back to the hotel and we watched TV before dozing off. 
Triple flavor punch
Menu board
Interesting staircase
Silent night

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