Hong Kong 2016 Day 4

Day 4 was cramming time - get the stuff and eat the food you haven't managed to procure during the 1st 3 days, plus explore some pockets before flying home. 

1) Last round of cha chaan teng
Shop 1 looked like a local favorite but while the wait staff were more courteous, the food was not very impressive. 
Penultimate nai cha
Dei what is this...

Shop 2 was a winner - the portion was decent and the noodles were delicious. 
Now this is what I'm talking about...
We should've gotten here 1st! 
Mmm a hearty breakfast!
Worth a return trip!

2) Ippudo ramen
We met up with another friend for lunch at Ippudo. It was super crowded but the staff were efficient plus we made it before peak hour so we had a relatively leisurely lunch. The ramen packed a punch, as always! 
4 less hungry people in the crowd
Special black bean

3) Tai Cheong
Recall Tai Cheong egg tarts? Well we went to Central to find the motherload - Lopo bun ("wife biscuit"). The shop lot was tiny so I quickly queued and got my order out within 5 min. The pastry was not too flaky and the paste was well-balanced -- not too sweet nor dry.
You gotta Q for everything in HK
Precious cargo
4) The airport
We took the speed train to the airport. We ate the McDonalds Pulled Pork Burger by celebrity chef Gabriel Choy (we were told to try it because he was leng zhai lol). It was tasty and the texture was nice. 
Our flight was delayed by a bit so we had our last meal at Maxim's Mx; surprisingly affordable by airport dining standards and I thoroughly enjoyed my meal. 
Speed train
Pulled pork burger
Side view
Big breakfast
My last nai cha
Well that's the wrap-up of my HK trip, I would like to return for more food adventures and a Macau side-trip! :)

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