Just Dance!

I planned to write a post about the latest offering from the klpac String Ensemble (klpac SE) before the concert dates but I was too occupied with work and rehearsals so this post is my review (har har!) of the show! This show is special because it employs dancers to accompany the klpac SE for some pieces! :)

It was a grueling 4 months: attendance was compulsory so no more dim sum Sundays! The pieces were less difficult than the previous Mad for Mozart program but we didn't opt to keep it simple: there was heavy emphasis on dynamic changes, and heavy use of spiccato (a basic technique which I lack!). There were a lot of divisi parts -- I enjoyed it because the musical harmony produced was amazing during group rehearsal but self-practice was auditory torture since I was playing the bottom part! 

The following well-known pieces (- composer) were delivered: 

Danza Hellenica - Loreta Fin
The Blue Danube - J. Strauss II
Persian Dance - E.R. Lucas
Waltz no 2 - Shostakovich
Themes from the Nutcracker - Tchaikovsky

Oblivion - A. Piazzolla
The hauntingly beautiful Oblivion featured Solo violinist Aksana Yusupova (currently attached to Istana Budaya). Her rendition was flawless, delicate and perfectly complemented by fluid movements of 4 young dancers from the Musica Music & Dance Academy

The Moldau - Smetana
Personally this was my favorite piece: the depiction of the Moldau river born from unification of 2 smaller streams (the Warm & Cold Vltava) is enhanced with tone painting and rich in national character.

Swan Lake - Tchaikovsky
This popular ballet music is dramatic and the young ballerina Nadya Woon portrayed the Swan Princess Odette with grace and youthful energy. 

Three Slavonic Dances - Dvorak
Roses from the South Waltzes - J. Strauss
Two waltzes are combined in a medley that is familiar and rich in tone. It begins with a pensive tone and ends with a sparkling joyful mood. Guest dancers Kay Leong and Christina Lim swayed together, bringing to life a glimmer of rich couples waltzing to one of Strauss' most magnificent works. 

Songs of Childhood - Traditional (PREMIERE)
Local renown composer Yeo Chow Shern (soundcloud here) condensed 4 local songs into a 3-movement piece and it the most difficult piece for me due to diverse musicality -- however the effort was worth it as it turned out to be the favorite of the night based on audience feedback :)

This concert was special in many ways; there was a world premiere, a delivery of songs that I love and adore, and final show for 2 members. Stay tuned for our next show in 2017! :)

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