KLCO: Bringing Opera to New Heights

I never considered myself a fan of the opera. I came upon their audition call in the newspaper and I suggested it to my friend. While my friend has no formal training in singing, she has been in church choir for many years and she has sung acapella at Christmas events. I was her accompanist at the audition and SHE NAILED IT! 
The Kuala Lumpur City Opera (KLCO) was formerly known as the Eat, Sing, Travel people under the klpac. They have since moved out and established themselves independently, with their own rehearsal studio and office in Damansara Kim; they organize events such as the OperaKUL and concerts to share the beauty of opera music with the public. It is helmed by renown singer and music educator Chi Hoe Mak, and the team behind the KLCO is dedicated to their cause. 
Incredibly talented and passionate Chi Hoe Mak!
I've attended the OperaKUL festival and their Opera Extravaganza concert in collaboration with the Selangor Philharmonic Orchestra; the human voice is indeed an amazing instrument and the music invoked emotions ranging from humor to sadness and joy. My friend enjoys this new activity as she not only has to learn singing in different languages and new techniques, she also has to learn some acting skills.
Opera Extravaganza
I'm looking forward to the massive La Boheme production on 25-28 Aug at klpac as it will be my first time attending such a show! Tickets are available online at ticketpro. Go on support the KLCO and local arts! I'm incredibly proud of the all-Malaysian cast and crew :)

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