Lunch - Pudu Delights

1) Jia Xiang
Jia Xiang Restaurant serves one of the best variety of good chap fan (mixed/economy rice) in town. We always park at Pudu Plaza and it's just a short walk down Jalan Landak, it's upgraded from a single lot to the corner lot! 

There's ample seating and the restaurant is relatively clean too. Prices are typical but the variety is really wide, plus the food is very well done, simple home cooked flavors are abundant! 

Jia Xiang has ventured into the chicken rice/noodles area and their new shop is the corner lot opposite their upgraded chap fan outlet. The chicken and char siew is delicious and portion is decent. In addition, the seating arrangement is spacious plus the temperature is less warm here. 

2) San San
If you fancy vegetarian, just walk further down to San San Restaurant. The variety here is also very wide, there's a vegetarian pan mee/noodle too. The restaurant is clean and has two floors, the upper floor is air-conditioned. We nicknamed the restaurant "4.50" because typically the cost of rice + 2 dishes would cost RM4.50, which is a bargain in KL! In addition, they offer brown rice as a healthier alternative to white rice. 

3) Celebrated Coffeeshop
Adjacent to Pudu Plaza, this coffeeshop has many options: 
- Pork noodles: this is one of the few places that provide garlic oil for that added fragrance. Their sour spicy version packs a punch.
- Porridge: fish, chicken, pork, mixed...let the lady know you want fresh crunchy yoo tiao from the outside stall and you're good to go!
- Chap fan: the chap fan here has decent variety and sometimes better priced than Jia Xiang! To put things in perspective, my sis ta pau'd a huge packet of petai for RM6 only! Plus it was generously peppered with minced pork! 
- Pan mee: the ma la and the dry noodles are better than the soup but no complaints as the soup version is not heavily laced with artificial flavoring, 

4) Sweet Garden Coffeeshop
One thing that sets this coffeeshop apart is the free and fast WiFi! XD Top favorites are:
- Fried noodles: the Chinese uncle incorporates awesome wok hei into his dishes
- Claypot noodles, fish noodles: my friends enjoy the lou shu fun and the claypot yee mee
- Curry laksa + fish ball noodles: the curry mee is flavorful
We call this shop "default" when we cannot decide on our lunch venue hehe...

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