Steamboat at Caprilicious

My 1st steamboat (or hot pot) experience was lunch at a university mate's house. I liked the idea that you can custom design the meal to your liking, be it the soup stock, the fresh ingredients, the sauces and of course the shared company that is a must with steamboat meals. Since then I've always been open to eating steamboat meals with family and friends, so it was no surprise that I bought the Groupon for steamboat dinner at Caprilicious, in Capri by Fraser, Bangsar. 

The deal entitles you (and guests) to buffet steamboat dinner. There was a wide array of fresh meats, seafood, vegetables, processed food (all the bola bola), assorted yong tau foo and desserts. Coffee and tea is free flow, and you may request for free flow wine RM40 per pax. Choice of soup is tom yam and chicken. Service was good and attentive, plus they promptly replenished the buffet spread. 

There are just 2 main steps: 
1) Pick the soup and start cooking: I personally preferred the chicken soup; the tom yam soup didn't have enough kick. It is IMPORTANT for the soup to be boiling before you put any ingredients in! Also don't fill the pot to the brim, refilling the soup is a normal practice ;)

2) Pick and dump the ingredients: get your meats, vegetables etc. The order of cooking is important to ensure safe consumption: 
- again, wait until the soup is bubbling! 
- don't put everything in at once: not everything cooks at the same speed, eg prawns quick faster than red meat
- start with the meats > seafood > vegetables
- wait until they are cooked then remove EVERYTHING before inserting a fresh batch
- typically eggs and noodles are inserted last - especially if you have guests who may not want egg in their soup :p

My verdict? It was a nice experience: good quick service, great company and relaxing background music makes a fuss-free steamboat dinner :)

Other information:
1) Parking is RM3 per entry (however we came after 7pm so do check the rates)
2) U Bar on level 33 has a nice view of the KL skyline - require security access
3) Caprilicious offers buy 1 free 1 for international lunch buffet and steamboat buffet dinner on Mondays. 

Have you dined at Caprilicious before? Share your experience in the comment box below :)

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