GrabHitch Beta: Discontinued

Effective 18 June 2017, the GrabHitch service has been discontinued. You may opt for carpooling service with GrabShare


These days, Malaysians can opt for civilian driver service thanks to apps like Uber and GrabCar. The service is basically a relatively cheaper taxi service with civilian drivers behind the wheel, made convenient by the app provided. Simply key in your pickup and drop-off location, and the app will provide a driver + fare. I've used GrabCar (not Uber) and so far I'm satisfied with the service. Some friends have opted to drive for both/either apps as a part time occupation or in between jobs (considering the current economic slump); I find iMoney's article comparing the two apps in terms of commission a good read. 

I've signed up as a GrabHitch driver -- what is GrabHitch? As per GrabHitch's site, it's a carpooling service. Drivers key in their route (either once-off or a routine one) and the app will match riders within the distance and time frame of your route. The calculated fare should assist your petrol costs. Currently in beta phase, Grab does not make a dime from your rides. However depending on the market feedback, Grab should eventually make a cut from your fare. 

Here are my few tips for GrabHitch drivers:
1) Check the time and the proposed pickup/drop-off locations
- it is not worth RM10 to be stuck in a traffic jam for 40 min
- sometimes the detour may be further from your route's start and end point, so do some homework before accepting the ride (see point 3)

2) For ladies, please test the route with a friend
- this will help you familiarize yourself with the app and provide some security before picking up strangers
- you may select same gender passengers while keying in your route

3) Ensure you are familiar with the detour route
- this is especially important to ensure you meet your schedule as well as your rider's
- it will also boost your confidence and improve the quality of your ride

My biggest issuewith the app is that I have to accept the ride to contact the rider to get information like the exact pickup/drop-off location and rider's contact to negotiate the time/venue. However as the app is within beta stage, hopefully GrabMY will resolve to make the app work more efficiently. 

Summary: While there is much room for improvement of the app, I fully support the concept of paid carpooling and I would encourage all to support it as well, either as a driver or a rider. Happy Hitching! :)

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