Are You Superficial?

2 things today drove me to write this post:

1. Sis was talking about how nice it was to lose weight & try on a top to realize that losing weight was worth it. She then adds that looking good is a side benefit...yet isn't it hypocritical to say beauty is a side benefit when you preening about that ALONE? 

2. Then perhaps from that bout of praising the outfit, she goes to the phone & calls the store. RM89 for a black sleeveless top. Expensive, much? When I ask why must she buy it coz it is expensive, she says it's worth it & better than buying a lot of collared T-shirts, which I feel is an insult coz I wear it & it sounds like another bite about my weight.

I went back to read my article about my weight:

I am still the same person. I don't think I should lose weight to look beautiful, I hate people putting pressure on me to lose weight for that SUPERFICIAL reason. I am still angry & frustrated that people won't let me work it off at my own pace. Is it my fault that I sprained my ankle & cut off any chance to go walking/running?

Sure I get it that being slimmer will make you more confident but isn't that a shallow reason to get confident? I am happier knowing that I did many things on my own effort & did well on them.

Now here's the question posed by this article: ARE YOU SUPERFICIAL?

Let's have a look...

1. Do you spend at least 1 hr a day obsessing about celebrities? Whether it is watching celebrity news on TV, surfing about the latest outfits, the latest gossip etc.

2. Do you consider before buying a pricey outfit? Do you think of its practicality, its quality, & of course, the cost, rather than how you look when you tried it in the fittin room? 

3. Do you think about going green, or about doing charity? Do you sympathize about the needy people? 

4. Do you think overweight people are stupid & lazy? Likewise, do you think slim people are intelligent & perfect? What happen to the idea of inner beauty?

5. Do you think it's really worth it to pay extra because that product is branded? How silly is that?

If the answer is yes for more than 1 question, then you may be a superficial fish. 

If these terms seem to fit your skin:

"Selfish, prefers extravagance, sense of entitlement, looking good is more important than comfort, believes in success in appearances, manipulative, not generous, has a need for applause, spoiled, gets angry when they don't get what they want, prefers instant gratification..."

You may be the epitome of materialism.


Yes this is a bitter post but one that had been waiting to be written. It's always important to be humble & to know the true value of things. Anger is useless; so is frustration. I will always feel this way when someone pokes me about my weight but I will deal with it better the next time.


Anonymous said...

I have come across many people in my walk of life. Some are very particular, some are at ease and some are 50:50. Probably I mix around with girl friends that are very particular. They have the idea of wanting everything to be perfect from self-being to materialistic items. When questions like Rowie put in your post are asked, they will feel that it is a right and freedom. When human have reached a certain limits, some do not look back what they were before. But, we are always taught to be humble and sincere, it is a good karma.

We tend to be superficial, may be because we do not want to be looked down upon by others; may be because we envy; or may be because we do not want to lose out. There are numerous reasons. I just reason a few out. I might come out a process flow (not necessarily true, just my speculation. It is a human instinct).

Current situtation -> Envy -> Work it out -> Achievement -> Winner -> Forget.

1) In the current situation, you are who you are now. 2) You envy something. 3) You work it out. 4) You achieved it. 5) You feel like a winner and show to the world. 6) Probably you achieve high, you tend to forget the values who you were last time. Not everyone undergoes the final stage.

We live who we are. The grass on the other side is always greener. We criticise others for being superficial, others do the same thing as well to us. Nobody starts it. It is just right in front of our eyes. We can just practice in a good way. In the end, we must feel proud who we are. Others see us as limitation, we see ourselves as limitless.

Rwi Hau said...

woah!! this --->'When you look in the mirror, do you see a member of an ethnic group (Chinese/Indian/Malay, etc.) or do you see a Malaysian?' actually comes from Khairy Jamaludin? BITE ME!!!!

Rowan said...

@Anonymous: The last line of your reply is inspiring. Thank you so much.

@Rwi Hau: Sweetie, you posted in the wrong area haha :p But yes, it's from him :)

Rwi Hau said...

oh did i? hahahaha..sorry.