The Big 5 for the OG

The start of a new sem always got me thinking about my goals:

1. What do I want to achieve?
2. Why do I want to achieve (1)?
3. How do I achieve (1)?
I have stepped down from the Principal post at the OG; not a choice I made happily, but one that must be taken for progress. I am still participating actively in the group & I naturally have plans for this sem (at least).

Some of the ideas churning in my mind now:

1. Organize a more streamlined theory class
I was always worried over 1 dilemma; what happens if we have more than just Grade 1, 3 & 5 classes? I estimated 2 hrs per section; even now 9am-1pm on Saturday mornings only gives me 4 hrs; this sem showed that we can do it. How? The theory exam is always in late Aug. New intake (potential students) enter in early July. Organizing classes for Grade 1 can take the stress of Mdm June as she finishes the revision for the exam. This makes it easier for her to take over the Grade 1 students after the exams & continue teaching 2 sections.
2. Music from the Movies
Writing about movie music inspired my idea to have a concert performing popular show tunes. It's familiar, fun & easier. I was also inspired by MPO who performed music such as Star Wars theme in the last season. Tunes that I would like to perform:
  • Mission Impossible: we performed this previously as Bonang D'Rhythm (combination of orchestra & gamelan)
  • The Departure: for now, I can play this song on piano, I'm working on a full length composition
  • James Bond: I loved this song since I was a child. It's definitely one of my top choices.
  • Disney favorites: there's a LOT to choose from this category, it's full of winners.
3. MPO Trips
The OG has always organized trips to watch MPO concerts. This sem will be no different. As soon as I get the brochure for the new season, we will begin planning. MPO concerts have been getting better: it's a shame we missed performances featuring piano & horn soloists. Hopefully our members will get more exposure to the vast history of music & walk away learning something new.
4. Music Recitals
This idea has been simmering on the pot for a while but due to time constraints, we never got to pulling it off. The purpose of music recitals is to give new members a chance to perform in public & to hone their showmanship skills. It also serves to boost their courage & confidence to display their talent on-stage. Hopefully this sem with more students gaining a better grasp on their technical skills, we'll be able to hold a few recitals this sem.
5. Music Activities
Last sem some of us had ideas about further enhancing our members' appreciation of music. We wanted to teach the history of music, the different eras, various composers, the orchestra, the music instruments etc. Plus the activites would encourage more interaction among members; the main divide now is between performing & non-performing members. I remember snapping photos from books at Kinokuniya to get inspiration. Again, last sem was a bitch with time so we never got around to it...I sure hope we get around to it this sem!

This may sound weird, but I feel age creeping up on me. I realized, with sudden clarity, that I don't have much time to change these ideas from mere thoughts to real action. I know that I tend to get carried away with other stuff *cough*lazy*cough* but this time I have to own up to what I should've done a long ago & try my best to get things done. So there, my Big 5 goals for the OG. Let's hope they'll be achieved.

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