Quick Blogging

I tend to browse the net more often through my smartphone than the PC. I guess you may have seen short, unedited blog entries; these are done through my phone so I will update with links, images and additional information. Welcome to microblogging! 

With several vacations coming up and work constraints, I've several drafts waiting to be published, here's a quick preview of what's coming next:

1) Coursera
A friend introduced me to this site where you may sign up for free online courses on a variety of subjects provided by world-class universities and gain a certificate (if you pass). You can opt for Signature Track where your results are linked to the universities and you can use the qualification for your career. Currently I'm enrolled in Useful Genetics and Archaeology's Dirty Little Secrets; I learned that it's not easy and you need to be dedicated to complete the course! 
2) Movie reviews
Star Trek: Into the Darkness is by far the most interesting movie this month. A review is underway. I do want to watch the new Man of Steel (the trailer is MAGNIFICENT) and the Great Gatsby (I've to finish reading the book before watching it), but time is in short supply. Will Smith teams up with his son Jaden in the futuristic sci-fi film After Earth. 

3) Holidays
Vacations...even the word makes me sigh. I've written about online renewal of Malaysian passport here, so I'm ready to fill up the pages! So where's my 1st overseas destination this year? Think Angkor Wat :)

After quite a while, I realized that blogging is a good past time, it helps me to put thoughts and ideas somewhere that I can look back and reflect on, as well as share with others. Social media is a more casual outlet and it's good to have a more structured, disciplined channel to unleash the inner writer :)

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